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Who We Are

At EverGrace, we know that children learn best in an atmosphere that is welcoming, warm, secure, and caring, enabling them to experiment, explore, and grow in confidence. Our approach, therefore, is to provide a “home away from home” environment that fosters growth and enables our children to flourish.

We strive to make each child’s early learning experience a positive, meaningful, and memorable one by providing them with the opportunity to learn through fun and play, under the guidance of warm, trusting, and well-trained teachers and care providers.

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Our Learning Environment

Spacious Outdoor Play Area

Caring and Attentive Staff

Small Class Sizes

Modern Resources and Equipment

School Bus Pick-up and Drop-off

Our Curriculum

At EverGrace, we place a high value on learning through play. We know that children learn through active participation when they are engaged with other people, objects, ideas, and events.


While it may look like our children are simply playing all day, our curriculum is purposely designed to promote all aspects of their development.


024 855 5958

030 298 3658


Monday – Friday
7 am – 3 pm


No 4 EverGrace Link,

Near Ga East Municipal Assembly, Abokobi


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