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Spacious Outdoor Play Area

EverGrace is a purpose-built school, designed from scratch to cater to our children’s needs. We know that being outdoors has a positive impact on children’s development so, we have a spacious outdoor area with grass, shade, and water activities. Our children have a lot of space to run around, exercise and explore, under the supervision of our attentive staff while being monitored by our CCTV system to ensure safety. Our outdoor space features, among others, swings, slides, a portable paddling pool, a trampoline enclosure, balls, lots of tricycles, and push cars that children absolutely enjoy.

Spacious Outdoor Play Area
Small Class Size

Small Class Sizes

We know that children learn best in an atmosphere that is welcoming, warm, secure, and caring. For this reason, we purposely keep our class sizes small to encourage our staff and children to form close bonds with each other and develop through interaction. Our children-to-teacher ratio is intentionally low, allowing teachers to give personal attention to the individual needs of our children. Despite this, we do not skimp on quality and our classrooms are spacious, well-lit, and well ventilated naturally.


Caring and Attentive Staff

Our teachers and caregivers have the skills, the passion, and the commitment to ensure our children’s experience is happy and meaningful. Our staff will work with your child to form a positive and trusting relationship to enhance their learning experience. They are professional, approachable, and caring; here to make sure your child is well cared for and having fun while learning, to give you peace of mind.

Caring Staff

Modern Resources and Equipment

Play is vital for children. It is how they learn, grow, and have fun. We are set up to facilitate this learning through play, by singing songs, reading together, playing games with letters and numbers, and having fun with friends. We have invested in many tools such as toys, books, educational games, apps, videos, and teaching aids to set your child up for success in their school life.

Modern Resources

School Bus Pick up and Drop Off

A well-rested child is more engaged and ready to learn. We provide school bus pick-up and drop off services to spare our children the long and tiring morning and evening rush hour commute. Our children arrive in school well-rested after a good night’s sleep and so are vibrant, alert, and ready to learn and explore. They depart for home in good time for relaxation, homework, and bonding with the household before retiring to bed.

School Bus

Health and Safety

We maintain a hygienic and contamination-free environment for our children’s health and safety. We provide adequate supplies of soap, disinfectants, toilet rolls, disposable hand and face towels and gloves for all our children and staff. We ensure that all rooms are cleaned thoroughly daily, and our staff follow clear protocols to keep our children safe while providing loving care in our classrooms.

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